2 school types

Test results can be sliced and diced in many ways. Here are two that are recognized by the state of Kansas.

Standard of Excellence schools

Believing that additional information will give a better understanding of school performance, the KSDE created the designation “Standard of Excellence.”

We’ve given the description of the standard; you may go to the KSDE web site to find a spreadsheet (named Standard.xls) that contains the data used to determine what schools meet the standard.

Need Improvement

The KSDE identifies 11 districts and 25 schools that are “On Improvement” status for No Child Left Behind.

Get the list here.

You can also get a spreadsheet called Not, which puts the raw data. This page may have more current information than the other one.

If your child attends a “Title I” school, you may be eligible for school choice options. The NCLB School Choice Fact Sheet. (PDF) gives more information.

Further, you may be eligible for Supplemental Educational Services (aka “tutoring”) at no extra cost to you. Here’s a list (PDF) of approved service providers.


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