Charter Schools, Funding Debated

The KC Star runs a short article on two proposals for education: more of the same (more money) and some changes.

The old: a plan for increased funding:

[House Speaker Doug] Mays did say the cost would be spread over several years. A legislative audit of school spending released last month indicated that the Legislature needed to increase school funding between $316 million and $400 million.

And the new: letting charter school operators appeal to the state Department of Education.

Right now, local boards of education decide whether to allow new charter schools. But charter advocates say local public school officials too often vote against charters because they don’t want to lose the money that pays for them. Education groups like the Kansas Association of School Boards and superintendents from the larger school districts oppose the bill, saying it amounts to an end-run around local school boards.

An end-run around local school boards. This raises the question of why we pay taxes: to run school boards, or to educate children?

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