$500 Million More?

According to the Kansas City Star, schools would gain another $500 million under a proposal being discussed in Wichita.

Says Governor Sebelius: “We all realize students from low-income families need extra help if they’re going to have the same opportunity to succeed.”

But help takes many forms, and given the record of many low-tuition, private schools, it’s not clear that more money is the help that is most useful.

This reminds us of an editorial cartoon.

Scene A has two people, a restaurant owner and a patron. The owner says “I’m sorry that you are unhappy with your meal. You won’t have to pay.”

Scene B has two people, a parent and a politician. The politician says “I’m sorry that your schools aren’t as good as they should be. You’re going to have to pay more.”

So what do school officials think of the proposed deal? A principal in Olathe praised the idea of getting more.

There’s nothing to complain about, right?

Wrong. The superintendent of the Shawnee Mission schools said that another $5.7 million still isn’t enough.

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