Another Special Session?

Will the clock run out without a budget for school funding? Perhaps. Says the KC Star:

With less than two weeks left in the regular legislative session, many lawmakers are saying a confrontation looks more likely with the Kansas Supreme Court, which wants more money spent on schools.

A confrontation would be fine with a large block of conservative lawmakers who want to defy the court, but it would not sit well with Sebelius.

It’s unlikely that the Legislature will agree to no spending increases. And getting more money through tax increases or expanding gambling seem to be off the table. Add in a governor and Supreme Court that insist on a larger budget, and you’ve got gridlock.

On the Senate side, the plan is a 3-year plan involving $480 million more from the state and $180 million more from local taxpayers. But, says the KC Star, “Senate President Stephen Morris, a Hugoton Republican, said the gambling defeat dealt a blow to the plan’s future.”


A House committee last week approved a one-year proposal to add $175 million in state school spending next year — far less than the $400 million suggested in the January audit.

Another possibility, mentioned by Governor Sebelius: budget cuts elsewhere. That would be a way to elevate the profile of schooling, to say the least.

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