More, or More? But not More Local Money

Would you like to spend more money, or some more?

The debate in the legislature is over how much to increase spending.

Senate Debates School Finance Proposals
John Milburn
Associated Press

On the Senate’s debate calendar were a House-approved plan to phase in a $633 million increase in school funding over three years; Senate leaders’ three-year, $660 million plan; and Sen. Jim Barnett’s four-year, $495 million plan, part of the Emporia Republican’s platform in running for governor.
How about a little reform? Perhaps tie some of that money to vouchers for students in poorly performing schools?

Egalitarianism won the day in one vote:

Senators also voted 27-11 against a proposal to increase local school boards’ authority to raise local property taxes to provide additional dollars to supplement their budgets.
We’re not big fans of simply putting more money into the system. But voters who wish to put more local money towards schooling than the Legislature would like ought to be able to do so.

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