Where Does the Money Go?

So how will the new money devoted to K-12 education be spent? John Milburn looks at some possibilities.

Schools ponder funding possibilities

Associated Press Writer
John Milburn
May 17, 2006
Milburn mentions that “the state will spend more than $3.25 billion during the next school year on K-12 education.”

With roughly 460,000 students enrolled in public schools, that’s over $7,500 per pupil, in state money alone. Even with only 20 students per class–admittedly a number we are pulling out of hat–that’s $150,000 per classroom.

The highest paid teachers, according to the state’s Comparative Finance and Performance System, were in Shawnee Mission, with an average compensation (pay, benefits, supplemental pay) of $56,543 per teacher.

Where does the rest of the money go?

The article mentions one parent who fears that teachers in Pittsburgh won’t have enough to live on. Yet the CFPS says that the average teacher package in USD 250 is $45,737 per year.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average value of an owner-occupied house in Crawford County was $54,000 in 2000. In 1999, per-person income was $16,245, and median household income in 1999 was $29,405.

”Some of them can’t afford to be a teacher,” said Fields, co-president of Westside’s PTO. ”If we are going to have teachers who care about the children, we need to pay them.’

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