$1 Billion More

Plaintiffs in the school finance lawsuit are asking the Supreme Court for another $1 billion over 3 years.

The Journal-World includes excerpts of the briefs filed with the court:

“The bill’s funding is not allocated based on the actual and necessary costs of providing a suitable education.”

“In fact, the funding is distributed in such an inequitable manner that it exacerbates the unconstitutional disparities existing in the system prior to the adoption of SB 549.”

“The state calls this inequitable distribution of funds a ‘political or public policy question.’ The Plaintiffs call it unconstitutional.”

And here’s an interesting point of data that is consistent with the idea that legislators systematically overspend in order to form a majority coalition when it comes time to count the votes:

While districts with large proportions of at-risk students are getting shortchanged, smaller and mostly rural districts are getting more than the cost study said they actually need, the attorneys argued.

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