KCMO Superintendent: No Excuses

Anthony Amato takes over as the new superintendent of the Kansas City, Missouri school district. He wins high marks for innovation, but we what we like the most is this comment:

“First and foremost, I can find the money in the system, rearrange how we spend the money. I never sit back and say, ‘We can’t do it because we don’t have the money.’ That’s the easiest excuse in the world.”In the KC Star (cited below), he says “We have enough money now. I know it’s almost heresy to say that.”

We wish Mr. Amato success in his endeavors, though we suspect that inertia and other problems will loom as larger challenges than moving around funds.

A KC Star article quotes him as saying “Don’t fear change.” Good for him–for in any large organization, change is what is needed.

One promising initiative: smaller high schools.

If the record of his own family’s educational achievement are any guide, KCMO  can expect some good things.

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