Local Control?

The KC Star has an interesting story on the coming election. In one race at least, the question comes down to “who is more in favor of local control, and what does that mean?”

It just might be better if control is more local than not. After all, our national political system is based on federalism, the principle that some responsibilities should be as local as can be.

When it comes to education, there’s nothing more local than the role of a parent. How about some increased power for parents to decide their own children’s education? Why is having 10 elected people in Dodge City better than having 10 elected people in Topeka make decisions?

We saw this description of the views of Harry E. McDonald III, a candidate for the SBOE. We don’t mean to pick on him–doubtless his views are held by many.

The current charter-school law allows flexibility to meet needs determined by local boards. The effort to give failed applicants an appeal demonstrates a lack of respect for local boards, he said.

Respect for local boards? It would be great to have some more respect for parents by giving them more flexibility, by, say, making charter schools more accessible.

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