State Board Race Wrap-Up

The votes have been cast and counted, and the results announced. What happens next?

The race drew the attention of the Washington Post and New York Times, of course. Due to publication schedules, no doubt, the Post didn’t say much. In a pre-election piece emphasizing the science controversy, the Times reminds us of the history board flips: 1998 (“conservatives win”); 2000 (“moderates win”); 2002 (5-5); 2004 (“conservatives win”), and finally, 2006.

USA Today, meanwhile, continues the science theme with the headline “Evolution Opponents Lose Control.”

The Kansas City Star provides percentages for each district. The Lawrence Journal-World offers this lead: “Darwin won.” The comments section is often filled with lots of name-calling all around; this particular day seems to have set a record for comments pulled by the LJW’s staff, suggesting that moderation in tone is in short supply.

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