We’re Above Average on the ACT

The latest state-by-state results on the ACT college entrance test are in, and Kansas is … above average. Still, there’s room to improve.

According to the KC Star:

In science, only 32 percent of the Kansas ACT takers and 30 percent in Missouri met the college-readiness benchmark in science, compared with 27 percent nationwide.

In math, 47 percent in Kansas and 43 percent in Missouri met the mark, compared with 42 percent nationwide.

The combined score for students from Kansas went up from the previous year (20.9 to 21.1) but the number of students taking the test dropped by 3 percent. One can wonder if the increase in average score is due at least in part to the fact that fewer not-quite-ready-for-college high schoolers took the test the latest time out.

Another possible reason: the percentage of high school students taking the ACT-recommended set of classes dipped.

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