Foreign Teachers Start Life in Wichita

So how’s the experiment in hiring teachers from the Philippines working out for Wichita USD 259? The Eagle has a review.

They’re finding favorite spots (Old Town), foods (Krispey Kreme doughnuts), and discovering that American children are more outspoken than those in the Philippines.

We find this a curious development. We admire the sense of adventure and the courage exhibited by these additions to the teaching staff in Kansas. And district officials can be commended for doing the hard work of travelling around the globe to find new staff.

All the same, shouldn’t we be making it easier for talented, passionate, and interested American residents to take up teaching? Under current laws, Bill Gates couldn’t teach about computers, Warren Buffet couldn’t teach about business, and a college professor whose students may be just a year removed from earning a diploma can’t teach in high school.

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