Leavenworth Turns to Virtual School to Cope with Teacher Shortage

It’s a perennial theme in news stories about education: District X faces a shortage of teachers. The latest example comes from Leavenworth, which needs a physics teacher.

We were going to remind readers of the problems with teacher recruitment: lack of merit and differential pay, and the rigidity of the certification process.

But what is striking about this situation is what Pleasant Ridge High School is doing about its needs: it is turning to a company that operates a virtual charter school.

Says Andy Metsker, the principal of the school in the Easton district (USD 449), says “It’s not the best option. [Why not?-ed.] But at the same time, there are kids who are National Merit Scholars who are home-schooled and I’m sure some of them are on this.”

See. For some children this is what works for them. Schools need to embrace more ways to customize learning settings.

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