Facts on Teacher Training in Kansas

The Kansas City Kansan tells of a report on teacher training in colleges and universities. The Education Schools Project did a review of teacher training programs in the U.S., though not of KU.

“The report, titled “Educating School Teachers,” was released by the Education Schools Project and authored by Arthur Levine, former president of the Columbia University Teachers College.

He assessed the education programs at a university based on whether the school grants baccalaureate, masters or doctoral degrees. With the differences of each in mind, Levine examined nine criteria, which included the quality of each school’s curriculum, research and faculty, and admission and graduation standards.”

Another criticism: weak admissions standards and graduation standards in teacher programs.

During the 2004-05 school year, KU granted 200 undergraduate degrees in education. The comparable number of Emporia State–which got good marks in the study–was 1,150. KU also granted 420 graduate degrees in education.

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