An interesting new web site has been launched, called HomeworkKansas.Org.

The site is sparse; the front page gives no indication of what it is. But Dos Mondos describes it this way:

Last week, the state of Kansas launched a Web site, www.HomeworkKansas.org.
Students in grades 4-12 can log on and get free interactive homework help in math, science, English and social studies from a tutor. Certified teachers, college professors, professional tutors or graduate students who have completed a third-party background check and reference check are available Sunday through Thursday from 4 to 11 p.m. for English and from 4 to 9 p.m. for Spanish.

The notice is in an editorial that chides parents for not paying enough attention to their children’s education. Doubtless this happens. In other contexts, however, pointing the finger in this way would be called “blaming the victim.” Parents should be involved. But the fact that some don’t measure up is not excuse for not proceeding with institutional reforms such as relaxing the overly tight rules for charter schools.

The failure of some should not be an excuse to deny the opportunities of competition among schools to others. In fact, enhanced use of competition just may help children whose parents aren’t paying enough attention right now.

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