Kansas Above Average on the SAT

Kansans who took the SAT scored above the national average, reported the Kansas City Star. So was Missouri. Here are the numbers for the latest report available:

Reading: 587 (Missouri); 582 (Kansas); 503 (U.S.)

Math: 591 (Missouri); 590 (Kansas); 518 (U.S.)

Writing: 582 (Missouri); 566 (Kansas); 497)

The article, SAT scores reveal pluses, minuses, does not offer any information about tests of significance. In other words, we don’t know if these results reveal a significant difference between Missouri and Kansas (or even the two states and the U.S.), or whether the difference happened by chance. By chance? Get a refresher on your statistics 101 for that one.

In any case, the SAT is of limited use in comparing Kansas to other states, since the test of preference for college-bound Kansans is the ACT.

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