Charter School Applicants Go Forward

The $10 million in federal funds isn’t going unspent: proposals for new charter schools in Topeka will soon be unveiled, says the Wichita Eagle.

How far will the ideas go? It’s hard to say. Sandra Lassiter and Betty Horton, the leaders behind some proposals, “have a rocky past with the Topeka district.”

Why does that matter? As the Eagle points out, “In Kansas, school districts must OK charter school applications, and most of the charter schools are run by school districts.” {Emphasis added.}

What’s on tap for the two reformers?

“Lassiter and Horton want to open two charters in Sumner in August 2007. Lassiter is proposing a kindergarten through fifth-grade program to be called the Sumner-Lassiter Academy. Horton’s program, the Achieve Middle School Charter, would start in the building and eventually move elsewhere.”

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