Delayed Progress in Releasing Progress Reports

What’s the latest word on school performance? We’re going to have to wait. According to the KC Star:

“Kansas parents wondering how their child’s school did on the state’s math and reading tests will have to wait at least another month to see their school’s report card.

The Kansas Board of Education is expected to receive a preliminary list of schools and districts that didn’t make ‘adequate yearly progress’ under the federal No Child Left Behind Act at its meeting Nov. 15.

But the Department of Education’s online building report cards and detailed testing data that are customarily released alongside the adequate yearly progress lists won’t be out until December.”

What gives? It depends on whom you ask.

KSDE officials said that “expanded testing, new tests and new computer systems caused the delay.” SBOE member Sue Gamble, a critic of the current KSDE administration, blamed, in the words of the Star, “inexperience at top posts.”

What changed?

“This past spring, Kansas tripled the number of students tested in elementary and middle school, driven by the federal requirement that all students in grades three through eight be tested in both reading and math.

With the expansion of testing in the lower grades, the state rolled out all-new tests that required the department to set new cut scores, or the range of scores that determine into which of five adequate yearly progress categories a student falls.

The state board set the cut scores in August and affirmed existing adequate yearly progress targets in September.”

Another factor: districts increased–by a factor of four–the number of appeals they filed.

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