A Charter School for the Autistic?

There may be a new charter school for autistic children, if the local school district doesn’t stand in the way.

From the Johnson County Sun:

“Johnson County’s first charter school could be located within the Olathe School District.

The Kansas City Autism Training Center submitted a charter school application to the Olathe School District on Nov. 2.

Autism Training Center President Ron Johnson said the charter school would target autistic pupils in kindergarten through third grade.”

We don’t know the particulars, but this sounds like a good idea. The plans call for a year-round operation, and focus on early-intervention.

Granted, the proposed per-pupil budget is staggering: $125,000. Then again, it’s targeting only 8 student at the moment, which means that there are diseconomies of (small) scale. We don’t knoww off hand how this compares with traditional services offered to autistic students, and hope that the price tag doesn’t tar the much-needed move to open up education to more public charter schools.

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