School Board Association: More Money, Please

The Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) is not happy with the current funding situation in Kansas.According to the Augusta Gazette,  the KASB will consider a resolution at its state convention (to be held next month), the draft resolution

“indicates that although the state Supreme Court found the legislature had complied with its orders, it did not rule the amended school finance system provides constitutionally suitable funding; saying only that such a determination would require a new lawsuit. KASB believes the system remains “unsuitable” for the many reasons, which are included in the draft resolution. The resolution also calls for a comprehensive evaluation of state and local tax policies to ensure the cost of funding education and other state responsibilities is appropriately balanced between all tax sources and responsive to economic changes.”

We haven’t looked at the draft, but we suspect that it will call for even more spending increases, echoing the demands of the KNEA.

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