A How-To for Education Consumers

Here’s on good thing about No Child Left Behind: the option to transfer or use tutoring services is opening the door to people taking a more active role in choosing their children’s education provider.

In light of the recent NCLB reports, the Wichita Eagle asks several people what questions parents should ask about transfer options. Parents who opt not to send their children to another school in the district can avail themselves of tutoring.

Among the companies that parents can turn to for: Huddle Learning Inc, of Topeka (no web site found); Achieva Tutoring; and ClubZ. The KSDE offers a list of other tutoring companies, which provide, in the lingo, “supplemental educational services.”That web page lists hourly fees, but the Eagle article says that the selected companies are free of charge to parents who quality.

Those who qualify …. If your child does not attend a “Title I” school, you’re out of luck, even if its test scores are horrible. You’re back to dealing with the bureaucracy, for which the article offers some suggestions.

Source: “What parents should ask about transfers,” Wichita Eagle, November 17, 2006.

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