More News on Progress Report

The Kansas City Star story on the release of the AYP report notes that three districts in Johnson County did not hit the target, along with two in Wyandotte and two in Leavenworth. Of the 195 schools that did not make AYP, 57 are in the Kansas City area.

The Star article reminds us that “each state uses its own test to determine student achievement” under NCLB. So as the year for 100 percent proficiency draws near (2014), expect some states to think about watering down their tests to make sure that everyone complies.

Source: “More schools didn’t make the grade,” Kansas City Star, November 15, 2006

Here’s one way to push up test scores: bribe students. “High school students can earn two extra vacation days by scoring exemplary on assessment tests and get an additional day of vacation if they meet standards, termed being proficient.”

Source: “USD 257 Short of Test Goals,” Iola Register

From another district: “Noting that many problems have existed at the state level with the test results, [Superintendent Randy] Watson indicated his office probably would have no comment until the results can be reviewed with members of the school board.”

Source: “McPherson Middle School Misses Math AYP Target,” McPherson Sentinel,

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