School Buildings Reused

Declining enrollment in many Kansas school districts brings up the question: what to do with the old buildings? Here’s one idea from eastern Kansas: reuse them as homes and studios.

Ron Miller and Nikol Lohr paid USD 330 (FTE: 523 students) $65,000 for the former high school and elementary schools buildings in Harveyville, along with 9.5 acres of land. They also bought in Eskridge, getting 2 acres with a high school and elementary school for an undisclosed sum.

As Lorh said: “Kansas had so many (schools) available and they were affordable.” Miller and Lohr, artists, hope to create a place for artists to gather. They already have some artists-in-residence at one of the Harveyville buildings.

Source: Artists see potential in old Kansas school buildings, Kansas City Star, November 24, 2006.

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