Post-Corkins: The Piling-On Continues

The resignation of Bob Corkins from the job of education commissioner has been an occasion for repeating the conventional wisdom about schooling.

In an editorial, for examle, the Kansas City Star says that it is happy to see him go, since he “had unfortunate ideas.”

Such as? Promoting the use of charter schools–which have been used successfully in other states, including neighboring Missouri. Such as challenging the notion that we should be happy to think that we’ve done something about the state of education simply by increasing spending on schools. Such as remembering that though some schools are government owned and others are privately owned, they all serve the needs of the public if the produce children who can read, write, do math for themselves, and know how to learn–and hence, are all part of “public education.”

Source: Get Education Back on Track in Kansas, Kansas City Start, November 27

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