Maybe Schools Aren’t Cut out for Social Service Work

We expect a lot of schools. Maybe we expect too much?

That’s the view of Kevin Bufton, a teacher.  Writing about the KCK district’s School District’s Family Advocacy System, he says “This program in my school district links families with one school employee, most often a teacher, who maintains a relationship with the children and parents to better deal with educational, social and personal issues.

Such developments address a disturbing trend in our schools. While the results can be beneficial, even life-changing, for students and families, this is one more instance where schools are assigned the task of curing society’s ills.

School medical clinics, nutrition programs and social services have made huge differences to thousands of children, but addressing all these areas steals time and resources from educating children.”

Source: Schools Being Expected to Do More Than Teach Kids, Kansas City Star, November 28, 2006.

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