Erie High School Moves Towards Charter

Will the Erie High School in CUSD 101 become a charter school? (We’ve noted this before.)

Curriculum director Rose Fry told the CUSD 101 Board of Education Monday that she and Erie High principal Ted Hill are working with a grant writer to get everything finalized to submit to the Kansas State Board of Education.

“We will be working it over until February to make revisions and corrections,” Fry said. “And we did add in a supplemental budget of $22,400.”

Under state law, charter school applicants must get the permission of the local school district. Since the petitioners appear to officials of the district, that shouldn’t be a problem. Next up: the state board. The benefits include $60,000 in grant money this year, and another $200,000 over the following two years.

Source: Erie’s Charter School Proposal is Advancing, Parson Sun, December 5.

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