Can a Choice Advocate Be an Education Leader?

Over in Missouri, they’ve got their own controversy with the state board of education.

The governor has appointed Donayle E. Whitmore-Smith to the state board of education. (Is this the usual way in which people land on the board? We don’t know. Leave a comment if you can point us to a web site with the relevant information.)

That’s made some people, including the Missouri Education Roundtable. The new appointee has supported tax credits for donations to scholarship funds, a position that has earned her the opposition of some union officials and local school board members.

“I’m a supporter of quality education,” she said. “How that is delivered does not matter to me.”

We offer a hearty cheer to that!

Missouri education appointee’s views on schools questioned, Kansas City Star, December 11.


“A Kansas City clergyman who sits on the governing board of a charter school was named Thursday to the Missouri Board of Education.

The appointment of the Rev. Stan Archie, founding pastor of Christian Fellowship Baptist Church in midtown, marks the second time since October that Gov. Matt Blunt has tapped someone with a school-choice background for the state board.”

Source: State school board to change, Kansas City Star,  December 15

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