Hey Brother, Can You Spare a Dime … and More

Writing in the Newton Kansan, Martin Hawver says that the interests of western Kansas relies on the state treasury underwriting the costs of its schools: “their interests would be best served by doing whatever is necessary to have the state pay for most of what their population-sparse regions need. We’re talking whatever it takes to increase the state’s portion of the cost of public education.

While Johnson County talks about local option budgets and raising money at home to provide extra money for public education, western Kansas, which is especially sensitive to property taxes, ought to be pushing for total state funding of local schools.”

Other states have tried this, notably, Minnesota. Yet even there, local school districts conduct millage request after millage request, so state funding won’t necessarily mean a totally satisfied school system.

Source: Western Kansas legislators need to push, Newton Kansan, January 3.

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