Another Look at the Legislative Session

What does the governor have in mind for this legislative session? Increased spending, and removing the popular vote from the selection of the Board of Education, and by extension, the commissioner of education.

“Sebelius said she continued to believe it was in the state’s best interests to finance all-day kindergarten in school districts. Currently, the state pays for half-day classes.

“We won’t be backing away from that,” she said. “It continues to be a passion of mine.”

The governor also vowed to support legislation that would allow local school districts to independently increase a “local option budget.” Such budgets are a provision in state law used by some districts to generate additional revenue through local property tax collections.

Sebelius said she remained dedicated to the idea of adopting a constitutional amendment that would convert the Kansas State Board of Education from an elective body to a board appointed by the governor.

“I believe that it is an appropriate conversation to have,” she said. “I’ll talk with legislators about that.”

Source: Education remains in session, Topeka Capital-Journal

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