District Officials Win, Want Legal Fees

The group “Schools for Fair Funding” spent taxpayer money in a legal campaign to get more money, won with the Supreme Court, and won with the Legislature, which committed another $831 million in a four-year period. Now it wants more money, but without opening up its records.

What we know already is that 19 school districts, spent some $3.2 million of public funds between 1997 and 2005 on the funding lawsuit. It wants the state to pay its legal fees, which its lead counsel Alan Rupe says would be less than $3.2 million.

Meanwhile, the Topeka Capital-Journal  is calling for the coalition to make its files part of the public record.

It was our hope to, once and for all, establish SFFF as a public entity, subject to open records law. SFFF has maintained stridently that it isn’t a public entity and not subject to such law.

The energy of its refusal to abide by open records law has, in fact, shocked us. We continue to struggle with its determination to operate in secrecy.

Source: State braces for potential legal bill, Journal-World,  December 30; State braces for potential bill for school finance lawsuit, Kansas City Star, December 30; Schools for fair funding — First step, Topeka Capital-Journal, December 28.

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