Wichita Catholic Schools Adapting

The Wichita Catholic schools are becoming a model for Catholic school education, says local and national educators.

“‘The diocese doesn’t charge parents tuition for their children to attend any of its schools as long as they’re active families in the church” says the superintendent of the schools, Bob Voboril.

This is getting national attention: “Sister Dale McDonald, director of public policy and education research at the Washington, D.C.-based National Catholic Education Association, said Wichita has become a model for other dioceses trying to reverse declining enrollment.”

What to make of this? It’s an exercise of freedom-of-association. It’s hard to tell how the tuition is being handled just by reading the story, but the diocese could simply be offering the equivalent of scholarships to parishioners, to be redeemed at the schools.

The diocese’s schools enroll over 9,700 students, of which 7,200 are in Sedgwick County.

Source: Wichita Catholic Schools offer model for tuition,  January 14.

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