KCK Charter School Approved

The board of USD 500 Kansas City approved one charter school application: the Maurice R. Holman Academy of Excellence Public Elementary Charter School, which might open as early as the 2008-2009 school year. The State Board of Education, whose approval is not certain, must also approve the application. It is the first proposal to get even this far.

According to the Kansas City Star account of the action, the delay to the 08-09  year was unusual. But given the work involved in setting up a charter school, eight or nine months of planning to get the school ready for the 20 07-08  year may not be enough.

The school would serve about 100 students, and have an entrepreneurial emphasis.

USD 500 officials say that the school, founded by Chiquita Coggs, executive director of the Northeast Business Association, have a burden to outperform the district’s own schools.

“If we approve something, we want it to be a success. This is new to everyone, said one member of the board. The president added, “Our district has made some outstanding gains. I would like for the charter school to go over and beyond. We are doing an outstanding job at making these gains.”

Of course, some parents choose charter schools because their children’s behavior, grades, or both, have plummeted to such measures that they are desperate, suggesting that the children are even harder to educate than the rest of the district’s enrollment. Never mind; urban charter schools have outperformed their regular school counterparts in Chicago. We hope for the children’s sake and the community that this school goes well.

Source: Charter schools: District says yes to one, no to another, Kansas City Kansan, January 24; KCK Charter School OK’d, Kansas City Star.

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