Five Charter Applications in KCK, One Approval

One for five.

That’s what charter schools are doing in Kansas City lately. The KCK school board approved a charter school application for the Maurice R. Holman Academy of Excellence, but rejected the application for the Pleasant Green Academy of Excellence.

Also rejected: the Walnut Boulevard Institute of Learning Charter School, Freedom Academy and Meta-Center High School.

We favor allowing multiple authorities to authorize a charter school.  Under Kansas law, only local school districts are allowed to oversee charter schools. We need not embrace a bad-faith model of school boards to recognize that there is an inherent conflict-of-interest here when an organization that gets its budget from enrollment numbers must decide whether to allow another organization, which would draw from its student body, to exist.

Source: Charter school proponent says board may have intentionally picked worse applicant, Kansas City Kansan, January 26.

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