You Just Can’t Please Some People

From the Wichita Eagle:

An unprecedented three-year, $466 million boost to school funding approved last year might have been enough to satisfy the Kansas Supreme Court, but school lobbyists and some lawmakers are far from happy with the deal.”

Johnson County complains that it pays for a greater share of the state’s spending (one third) but receives much less of state money (one tenth), while poor districts complain that it’s hard for them to keep up with Johnson County.

Sounds like an inevitable clash, as the mere existance of a state inevitably involves some areas subsidizing others.

Meanwhile, a lobbyist for the KCK school doesn’t like having to compete for teachers against better-endowed districts: “In a large metro area with over a dozen (districts), hiring and retaining teachers and administrators is difficult if your neighboring districts can offer significantly higher salaries.” He’s probably not alone.

Will this all lead to a call for the state to take over all financing of districts? It might, but that would only shift the terms of the debate, not resolve it.

Source: “Lawmakers, lobbyists still not happy despite $466M boost,” Wichita Eagle, January 29

See also Friction persists on dividing school funds, Lawrence Journal World, January 28

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