Baldwin City Virtual School Not a Reality

We’ve been watching the unfolding story of a virtual school hosted by Baldwin city schools for quite a while. So the news that the deal has been abandoned is disappointing.  Not all children are the same, and some would fare well in a virtual school environment. As we have a multitude of districts, we should have many different opportunities for virtual schools. There were at last count 18, but we say, the more the merrier, if there is public demand for it.

So what held up the deal? The usual. Money.

After signing the contract last month, a discovery was made regarding the Kansas school funding law and the Insight Schools‘ financial agreement.

The recent discovery showed that a portion of the district’s local tax money would be paid to Insight Schools. A small portion of the Local Option Budget would return to the district, but not enough in the eyes of the Baldwin Board of Education.

More troubling than the closure of one opportunity is the possibility that another source of virtual schools may be gone for the entire state:

“According to Lauridsen, Insight Schools might not be able to find a home in Kansas, because of the state education formula.” Scott Lauridsen is the local board member who has spent a great deal of time on the deal between the district and Insight Schools.

He explained:

This issue may prevent them from operating in Kansas. The school funding formula may be so prohibitive that an outside organization that needs to generate a profit, probably can’t play here. At the minimum, they need to look at districts that don’t meet the low enrollment waiting. The only way they are going to be able to do this, is find a district that has very little local tax.”

Source: Upon further review, no Insight School, Baldwin City Signal, February 15





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