Governors: Globalization Demands Changes in Education

Meeting under the banner of the National Governors Association, governors of the various states say that American education needs reform:

WASHINGTON – Globalization has come to every hometown, every school and every workplace, but students and workers are not given the tools to keep up, governors reluctantly agreed Tuesday.

It’s past time for a sweeping transformation of education, worker training and economic development, governors said, ending a four-day National Governors Association’s meeting with a call for a national commitment to change.  ”

All well and good, but what does that mean? Some items mentioned include the following:

– Refocus on science, technology, engineering, math and foreign language proficiency. They are seeking programs to encourage students and teachers in those subject matters.

– Make worker training more flexible, coordinate training with regional needs and make progress measurable.


 – Create federal ”competitive innovation grants” to encourage states to develop regional hubs that build on existing strengths, like computer development in North Carolina’s Raleigh-Durham area. 

How about improving K-12 education? “By the end of eighth grade students elsewhere are two years ahead of American students,” said one professor of education. Doubtless, the gap grows as you progress towards the 12th grade.

Face it, our education system is stuck in time, for a world that existed over 100 years ago. It’s time to change. But let the change be bottom up, through a multitude of providers. Top-down approaches are what led us to the gap.

Source: Governors say education, workplace must change amid globalization, Associated Press, February 27.

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