A Charter School for McPherson

McPherson County may be getting a new charter school:

We are very excited, but we know a lot has to be done,” said Kent Nye, who was appointed to head a subcommittee to look at different ways to deliver career and technical education in the county. “We have to select a director and firm up the partnership with Hutchinson Community College.”

The BOE committee that reviewed and scored each petition recommended a planning grant of $60,000 for the county charter school — an amount that must be spent by July 1, Nye said. It also recommended $155,000 in first-year funding.

In partnering with HCC, the McPherson County Charter School will be able to provide training in digital education and graphic arts. Nye said he would expect other partnerships to be developed.

Other schools expected to be approved for funding by the State Board of Education:

Little River Public School District, Kansas Career and Technical Virtual School; Newton Public School District, Walton 21st Century Rural Life Learning Center; Hutchinson Public School District, Salthawk, a public charter school; and Haysville Public School District, Haysville Charter School.

County charter school on fast track, McPherson Sentinel,  March 7, 2007.

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