Room to Improve in Emporia

From the Emporia Gazette:

In reading, our data tells a success story. Every year as a district, our reading achievement has improved for our all-student group. Not only did we make AYP as an all-student group in 2006, if we maintain our achievement levels this year, we will make AYP for 2007. In each of the subgroups, we also showed improvement.


Our math results are not as good as reading, but the data shows up to 70 percent of our “all-student” group meets or exceeds state standards


Another look at the data tells a different story. We have far too many students who are not meeting state standards in reading and math, especially in some specific categories such as Hispanic students, and students with disabilities. We see a good progression of growth at the elementary level but that trend changes in secondary school.
Source: Plan Gives Schools Solid Plan for Improvement, Emporia Gazette, March 14.

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