State Board Reviews Charter Applications

The KSDE reports that at its last meeting the state board of education “received information on the twenty-one approved charter schools petitions from Dr. Larry Englebrick, deputy commissioner, Division of School Innovations. The current Charter Schools Grant allows for ten petitions to be funded for the 2007-08 school year. The twenty-one petitions were reviewed by a committee and scored according to a new rubric. The maximum score was 188, and a charter school had to receive a minimum score of 144 points for it to be recommended to the State Board.

The Board will review the recommendations and take action on the proposal at the April meeting.” (Emphasis added)

Here is some further information on 10 proposals that were presented to the SBOE. Since under current law all proposals must gain the approval of a local school district (unlike the case of many states), the charter school applications are identified here by the sponsoring/controlling district. The text is taken nearly verbatim from the SBOE’s revised meeting agenda for March 13, 2007.

Kansas City, Kansas: Maurice R. Holman Academy of Excellence.

K-5, core curriculum; planning grant of $60,000. First-year funding deferred. (The proposals to follow include not only a planning grant of $60k, but first-year funding of $155k.)

Newton: Walton 21st Century Rural Life Learning Center

“A connection for elementary school children to the richness of rural life,” project-based learning and an emphasis on healthy lifestyles.

Parsons: Health Career Academy

“Increase learning opportunities for students in a special are of emphasis, specifically health careers.”
Hutchinson: Salthawk.

Grades 9-12; “condensed classes for students that are focused on curriculum essentials.”

Elkhart: Elkhart Charter

For at risk students, giving them experience in establishing and running an actual business; with day care

Pratt: Walden Center

Career training and academic essentials in arts and communication, business management, health and human services.

Erie: Project-based school

Using creative and unconventional instructional techniques and structures.

Renwick: Replace St. Mark’s School

Technology-rich environment with individual learning plans and project-based learning.

McPherson: McPherson County Charter School

Challenging, academic expectations that are blended with applied, high demand, vocational technical skills.

Haysville: Haysville Charter School

Gives students the opportunity to identify interests and abilities through the Cooter Assessment; uses a Story Centered Curriculum; use of technology including pod casting, streaming video, and video conferencing.


Petitions for Turner Virtual School and Sterling Academy were approved during the Spring of 2006. The petition for Stafford High Charter School was approved during the Spring of 2005. All three are eligible for funds under the current grant, in the amount of $155,000.

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