Early Childhood Program in Erie

Schools can respond to competition after all. In this case, a school is responding to a service offered elsewhere, but not (currently) in its own back yard.

The CUSD 101 Board of Education on Monday approved a preschool for 4-year-olds for the coming school year.

Kathy Brazil told the board that two Southeast Kansas Education Service Center programs are in place in the district, the Birth-to-3 Program and a half-day 4-year-old at-risk preschool at Erie Elementary School.

There is a gap for 4-year-old children who are not at-risk, because no preschool program exists in the area, leaving those children unprepared for kindergarten.

“We’ve felt, in past years, that we have lost kids to other districts because the parents wanted them in preschool,” she said. (Source: Erie-based district will add preschool, Parsons Sun, April 8, 2007)

Better than operating a program itself, the school should find ways to help parents find a private provider of such services. See All-day K and Pre-K: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? (PDF) Flint Hills Center for Public Policy.

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