Forced Busing: Limited Days in Wichita

Winston Brooks, superintendent of USD 259 Wichita, says that the days of busing students for racial balance are limited. The Wichita Eagle had an interview with him recently. The bullet points below are the points he made, summarized by the Eagle’s April 29 article, “Brooks: Days numbered for ‘forced busing.'”

With a student population that’s only about 40 percent white, the district’s busing plan is a relic.

“Forced busing” has hurt the district more than it has helped, and he would like to see it discontinued.

In the coming school year, district officials will start preparing for the end of busing for integration.

Since school enrollment in government-run schools is (almost always) based on residence, and residential patterns have, for the longest time, had a racial tinge to them, there’s no surprise that government-run schools have at times been highly segregated.

Are private schools more segregated? That’s what you might think. But you be wrong, at least according to one study, which found that students of different races actually interact more in privately run schools than in politically-operated (“public”) ones.

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