No Bullies!

The state will require school districts to implement a “no bullies” policy.

“The compromise bill also requires all 296 school districts to implement a plan to address bullying that includes training and education for staff and students. The bill passed Friday, 36-2 in the Senate and 109-16 in the House.”

We’re certainly not pro-bully, though we will point out that school safety is one reason why some parents would like to exercise school choice.

Refer to: Anti-bullying measure passes, Wichita Eagle, April 29.

On a related matter, Another KCK school adopts uniforms with parent support, says the Kansas City Kansan in its April 27th edition.

About 65 percent of the school’s families participated in the survey, with about 82 percent of the families supporting school uniforms, while the remaining 18 percent disagreed or had no opinion. [snip]

According to uniform policy, students will not be able to wear jeans, sweatpants or sports pants. Students will have the choice of wearing navy blue, black or khaki colored slacks, while white, navy blue and black shirts are available.

So how does this relate to bullying? It’s hard for government-run schools to get a consensus of parental support. Indeed, as the “reverse lottery” recently conducted in Wichita shows, when it comes to most government-run schools, you do what you’re told, or else face some uphill struggles. Hence, administrators find it easier to take the path of least resistance.

Of course, in privately run schools, parents make an affirmative committment to the values of the school. They aren’t put dumped into the school by virtue of simply living in an area–or of having their child’s birth date chosen in a lottery.

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