A Four-Day Week?

We’re not sure whether this is a good idea or not. But it is notable. Oberlin has a new school superintendent who instituted a four-day school week in his last job:

[Pat] Cullen is somewhat noted nationally for helping his former district put into effect a four-day school week due to a budget crunch a couple of years ago. Nebraska trimmed $80,000 in state aid, and a school loan depleted the cash reserves. The plan reportedly saves the district up to $1,300 a week on food services, janitorial services and transportation.

It sounds like it got the job done. It was probably inconvenient to parents, but may have meant that a higher percentage of the education budget went on learning rather than overhead.

See: New Oberlin Superintendent Ready for Year, May 30, Hays Daily News.

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  • Emily  On June 21, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    USD 468 Healy in Lane County has had a 4-day week for the past couple years, and Superintendent John LaFave and several students and teachers there have been positive about it. They offer enrichment and remedial classes on Fridays, but they don’t necessarily have to heat/cool the whole building or run buses. The students I talked to said they liked it because a lot of their sports are on Thursday nights, and they have to travel a long ways, so they can sleep in on Fridays and not worry about homework being due that day (The district is very small, so just about everyone is on a team). And teachers like having a little longer in class to do labs and projects.

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