LWJ to Schools: Tighten Your Belt

The Lawrence Journal World, in an editorial, says that school finances are complicated. It goes through such things as a recent bond issue, the LOB, and  “not leaving state money on the table.” But at the end of the day, the confusion should not cause us to forget the need for discipline:

“What local taxpayers do understand, however, is that there seems to be no end to increases in the local school district mill levy.”

The board reminds us that education is an important funding priority–though not the only one:

“Well-intentioned school district officials will tell you that every dollar of this funding is absolutely essential to pay teacher salaries and address building needs. They are sincere in that belief, but are the school district’s needs any more pressing than the need of the city and county to fund basic services like street repairs and law enforcement salaries?

Lawrence residents are extraordinarily supportive of education. We want the best for our children, and many taxpayers believe our teachers should be paid more. But we also want well-maintained streets and reliable public services. City and county commissioners also have many ways they would like to spend additional tax money, but in an effort to keep property taxes down, they have accepted the fact that you don’t always get what you want.

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Budget Beast, July 8

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