Pro Athletes Going Back to School

Normally we keep a pretty tight focus here, limiting the blog to something that has an obvious connection to Kansas. But this next item is of interest to anyone (and that would be a lot of us) who is a fan of professional sports.

The Houston Chronicle (“Back to College,” July 19) tells a few tales of professional athletes, retired and active, who are going back to finish the college programs they interrupted by entering the big leagues.

Obviously, these individuals don’t need a four-year degree for financial reasons; the ones mentioned in the article are or should soon be financially set for life, as long as they don’t blow all their money. Some cite the need to speak honestly to youth on the need to pursue a good education, others sense the need to achieve, still others seek the tools to enter a new profession.

Said an associate director of athletics at the University of Houston: “No matter how much money they’ve made, they always want that degree. There’s always that door that was never closed.”

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