All-Day K in Lawrence

More all-day K programs are coming to Lawrence.

Says the Journal-World,

Thanks to about $600,000 in funding from the state, district leaders targeted eight schools based on needs demonstrated by assessment test scores and populations of students who receive free and reduced-price lunches. Administrators have indicated they hope to eventually expand it to all schools.

So they’re targeting the funds. Good move. But notice the plans to expand the enrollment. Does that mean all students as well?

It seems that some of the move is based, in part, on the fact that expanding to an all-day program is easier on the schedules for parents.  Said the district’s chief academic officer, “For parents, some of the positives for many of them is they are not going to have to make those arrangements about having to get children picked up in the middle of a workday and get them transported somewhere else.”

Given the relative performance of elementary versus middle and high schools, the money would probably be better used later in a student’s school career.

Schools have high hopes for ‘all-day K’, Lawrence Journal World,  July 22

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