New Report on Virtual Schools

The Flint Hills Center for Public Policy has released a new report (PDF) on virtual schools.

Here’s the press release:

Make Virtual Schools a Real Option for Students

Legislative report shouldn’t deter development of innovation in education

(WICHITA) – “Legislators should not let a recent report from the Legislative Post Audit Committee suffocate virtual schools,” cautions John R. LaPlante, education policy fellow with the Wichita-based Flint Hills Center for Public Policy. “These schools revolutionize education for some students,” he said. “Students across the achievement spectrum can benefit.”

Through Internet technology, students in virtual schools can take advanced or unique courses. “Virtual Schools: For Some, the Future of Education,” a new report from the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy, offers several principles for governing online education.

Allow students to enroll in any qualified virtual school. By its nature, virtual schooling need not be confined to a specific location.

Make students secure the approval of the receiving, not the sending school. They should not have to petition their home school district to receive an appropriate education.

Don’t cap the number of virtual schools. Such a measure would harm student education.

Encourage competition and specialization by letting virtual schools accept and recruit students from across Kansas. When online learning flourishes, so do students.

In short, Kansas should not expect virtual schools to be governed in a traditional way.

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