Competition Prompts Service Enhancements

Virtual schooling is one of the latest innovations in education. It’s being prompted by competition among schools. That’s one point you can take home from an article in the Emporia Gazette about the iQ Academy Kansas. Though based out of USD 384 Manhattan-Ogden, it is open to students throughout the state.

That’s putting the pressure on other districts, which lose some state money for each student who leaves for the Academy. The prospect is causing more schools–or at least the Emporia district–to look at offering virtual schooling.

“There’s several schools out there that are doing the same kind of thing [as iQ Academy Kansas] and, honestly, we do, too,” Emporia Superintendent John Heim said. “It’s just a little more competition.”

Heim said that the Lawrence school district set up a similar academy several years ago, “and it kind of prompted us to set ours up.”

Evidently, competition among service providers has benefits in education after all!

Online school recruits Tuesday in Emporia, Emporia Gazette, July 23

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