Topeka Budget up 15 percent.

Wow. The budget of USD501 Topeka is set to increase 15 percent. A lot of businesses would be thrilled by seeing year-to-year revenues increase that much:

“The proposed budget shows a decrease in assessed valuation from fiscal 2007, but the district managed to drop the mill levy to 53.347 from 53.367.

The assessed valuation is the amount the Shawnee County appraiser believes all the taxable property in the district is worth. When the figure goes up, the district receives more property tax without increasing the mill levy rate. When it goes down, the district loses income or has to increase the levy rate.

The bottom line of total spending for the fiscal 2008 budget is $176,738,514, said Pam Leinwetter, director of budget and grant accounting for USD 501. For fiscal 2007, it was $153,195,086.

The total of taxes levied went down to $32,944,062 from the fiscal 2007 amount of $33,120,797.”

School district to publish proposed budget, Topeka Capital-Journal, August 3

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