Cooperation, not Consolidation

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to school districts, as we’ve explained in the study School Consolidation: An Ineffective Way of Improving Education (PDF) . So some news out of western Kansas is good: two districts will gain some benefits from sharing services, without going into full-fledged consolidation.

USD 292 Grainfield and USD 291 Grinnell will share some services.

“While both districts will retain individual elementary schools, fifth- through eighth-graders will attend school in Grinnell, and high school students will continue their education in Grainfield.

This agreement is not a consolidation; both districts will continue operating on an individual basis.

“It’s not a consolidation in that, with consolidation you end up having one governing entity — one board of education, one budget. The facilities would all be under one district,” said Rose Kane, USD 291 superintendent and administrator. ‘We still have two separate, operating districts.'”

The benefits of the move include expanded course offerings for high school students and greater flexibility in scheduling classes.

School districts prepare for first year of cooperation, Hays Daily news, August 8.

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